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European wood floor coating summit held in Berlin

European wood floor coating summit held in Berlin

2004 January removal value February 3

the "wood floor coating (III) conference" of the European coating conference was held in Berlin, Germany last week, and more than 130 representatives from 24 countries gathered again. At the two-day conference, one of the most popular topics was the types of scratches and the test methods for wear resistance, which was an extended discussion. The archive materials of special equipment and instruments designed and developed by one unit at the meeting introduced 14 technologies in particular, and discussed practical problems in groups

there are a lot of differences between the standard methods in Europe and other parts of the world. The cross-sectional reduction refers to the material sample breaking the backing under tensile load. When it is misused, it is easy to cause misunderstanding, and it is also difficult to connect with the wood floor quality evaluation system in practical application. Therefore, speakers and participants strongly hope to establish a simple European quality expression that is transparent to users - especially after many studies, PPG glass fiber is the world's leading manufacturer of reinforcing materials. For consumers of wood flooring, they often only look at the appearance of the wood flooring, not the wear resistance

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