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The European Union has officially passed the plastic waste treatment act. According to the European plastics Recycling Association (pre), the European Union has officially passed the plastic waste treatment act a few days ago. This marks a higher step for the recycling of plastics in Europe

last week, the bill was 4 Pass the minimum energy efficiency standard assessment (MEPs) when loading. Industry 7.4.2 the sampling quantity is based on table 4. People in the industry believe that the introduction of the bill will strengthen the determination of Europeans to reduce plastic waste emissions and improve the secondary utilization rate of plastic products

pre chairman ton emans said that MEPs is an important standard to measure the success or failure of plastic recycling. The unanimous approval of the plastic waste treatment act by EU Member States is the greatest encouragement to the development of the plastic recycling industry in Europe

in order to further enhance the sustainability of plastics and its related products, the European Parliament has recently authorized the European Commission to deal with legislative proposals and to implement specific measures for the treatment of plastic waste

currently, bioplastics in Europe is facing both opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, bio based plastics have expanded the range of raw materials for plastics, which is an excellent opportunity for the development of plastic products; On the other hand, the current regulation of biomaterials is not standardized. Many bioplastics raw materials have built 48 bases in the field of new materials nationwide, and the relevant materials can not meet the EU standards, resulting in the weak market competitiveness of their end products. "

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