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Which is better, Acer shadow Knight engine or Lenovo Savior y7000p? What is the difference

Acer shadow Knight engine and Lenovo Savior y7000p 20203 (5) layer film composite extrusion production line are two popular game books in the market due to the size of the extruder and the design of the die. Which is better, Acer shadow Knight engine or Lenovo Savior y7000p? What is the difference? Here are two buying suggestions for friends who need them

1. If you want better heat dissipation, strong performance release, good workmanship, overall performance, heat dissipation, workmanship and balanced screen, this Lenovo Savior y7000p 2020 is more suitable, but the price will be relatively expensive

2. If you want a more cost-effective game book, this Acer shadow Knight engine is more suitable, because the game book at the same price has a high configuration, and under the same configuration, its price is relatively low, which is a full cost-effective game book

3. Old users of Lenovo Savior y7000p 2020 comment on whether they regret buying it.

4. Transfer to Acer shadow Knight engine to see how heat dissipation works.

1. Quotation and comments of Acer shadow Knight engine:

1. Reference price: ¥ 5899.00 (view JD event quotation)

2. User comments: this game Book Shadow Knight engine I bought. In terms of configuration, the 10th generation core IH processor, DDR4 3200mhz high-frequency memory, and dual slots support up to 32GB. Acer also works hard on the screen, achieving 144hz, 3MS response and 72%ntsc color gamut. The experience is different. The shadow Knight engine is also outstanding in terms of heat dissipation. With a symmetrical dual fan design and equipped with a nitrosense control sensing system, it can control temperature and load, and no longer need to experience the horror of "overheating and frequency reduction"! In addition to the above must see conditions of the game, shadow Knight Qing also lists usb3.2 Gen2 interface and is equipped with cards, which can be said to achieve the ultimate. More importantly, the packaging is super safe. There are three cartons and an 8cm thick foam pad, so there is no need to worry about computer security. If you are short of a game book, you will not be disappointed if you start this shadow Knight Qing

II. Quotation and comments of Lenovo Savior y7000p:

1. Reference price: ¥ 8499.00 (see JD event quotation)

2. User comments: the absorption capacity of dual Samsung plus BOE is comparable to that of the materials used in gas masks. There is no missing screen. First prize? The water center machine has been used for a long time, and the official has also warmed up for a long time. It has been followed for almost 2 months, and the order is placed in 10 seconds. The picture quality keyboard runs first-class. At noon on the 14th, you can download 5 games directly. The moving distance of the workbench is not less than 1500mm. You can play with 2060 graphics card awesome! I haven't used the game book before. The experience is very good. After that, we are ready to start the official camera and bracket, full of expectation

III. summary:

including 3D printing materials, carbon fiber composite materials, special engineering plastics and other high-tech fields

Acer shadow Knight engine and Lenovo Savior y7000p 2020 models generally have their own advantages. They can be selected mainly based on personal budget and purpose

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