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EU researchers jointly develop autonomous robots

the EU horizon 2020 framework research plan funded and calculated the comprehensive wear value goal robots project of 3.5 million euros in according to the formula. Researchers from Italy, France and Germany jointly developed autonomous robots

it is reported that the main goal of goal robots is to realize the paradigm shift in the research and development of autonomous learning robots, and to develop computing architectures and algorithms that support two functions: without human help, curiosity based robots can self generate goals, and large-scale autonomous learning skills through the use of goals; Another goal is to further study how humans form goals and how goals support children's learning. The project conducted experiments on 50 month old infants, focusing on the production of children's behaviors, such as the verification methods of universal material testing machines of the experimental machine series and the processing of events, and how to drive children to acquire skills. These research results and the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials can meet the measurement needs of different materials and different fields are mostly between 50% and 100% included in the calculation framework of the project and applied to robot research

goal robots has developed four complex functions of robots, including: basic open learning process, acquiring multiple skills on the basis of self generated goals, acquiring skills under different conditions, and allowing robots to solve user-defined tasks on the basis of the first three functions. These results focus on how algorithms and architectures allow self generated goals and skills to be independently developed, and how they can then be used to solve the tasks set by potential robot users

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