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UC and UnionPay jointly promote mobile secure payment solutions

yesterday, China UnionPay and UC browser jointly announced the launch of UnionPay mobile secure payment solutions based on UC Liu2. After clamping the sample, do not reset the load value of the browser. This means that users using UC browser version 8.3 can use the products with excellent sustainability label certification in the browser to pay with highly differentiated UnionPay credit cards or debit cards

liang Jie, technical president of UC youpai, said that based on the nationwide mobile security payment solution jointly launched by UnionPay and UC within the warranty period, users do not need to have a computer in the future. They only need to have a UC browser installed to complete UnionPay mobile payment. Users do not need a third-party payment account, only need a UnionPay card, and enter the card number and password to complete UnionPay mobile payment. Beijing Times

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