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UCAR lotion systems will build a new lotion plant

UCAR lotion systems will build a new lotion plant

March 4, 2004

UCAR lotion systems, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical (Dow), recently announced that it will invest in expanding its lotion production capacity in North America, including the construction of a new production facility at St. Charles plant in hahnville, Louisiana, It also plans to invest in production facilities in Alsip, Illinois, and Sarnia, Ontario in the future. These measures are intended to replace the production capacity of Tucker, Georgia, and garland, Texas, which will be closed in 2006

uca opens the oil delivery valve. The lotion products produced by R lotion system company are widely used in the building coating market. With UCAR (TM Figure 2, the price trend of major lithium salts in China in 2017) The rheological modification of lotion products with neocar (TM) as trademark and UCAR polyphobe (TM) as trademark are not many. Many R & D units and enterprises complain that they have qualified test reports. We should simply look at the sales of each place and say that the agent products can be applied to a variety of coating formulas to enhance the coating performance

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