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our IT department is "face-to-face", and they should skillfully "meet" the needs of other departments

(text) in the past two months, Goldilocks has been busy. In addition to the daily production and operation, there are two things that make them tired, but also happy. A major event

is that on June 8, 2004, Goldilocks technology was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange; The other is that the human resource system related to the "people's livelihood" of Goldilocks technology enterprises has entered the trial operation stage

the rapid development has caused "trouble"

Goldilocks is engaged in processing the production raw materials transported from the characterization of the mechanical properties of metals in chemical plants into finished raw materials, and then the outsourcing mold processing plant of home appliance enterprises processes these finished raw materials into the shells of air conditioners, televisions and other products required by home appliance enterprises. In terms of order, Goldilocks technology is in the second link of this supply chain, which seems inconspicuous. Such a seemingly ordinary private enterprise in Guangdong has already built a leading management system within the enterprise, and with the recent listing, it has begun to jump into the public's attention. Opening the list of its customers, Changhong, Haier, Konka, Kelon, Panasonic, Sanyo, LG and a long list of well-known enterprises at home and abroad stand out. It is said that nearly 80% of the modified plastics used in domestic TV production come from Goldilocks, and more than 40% of the modified plastics used in air conditioning production are provided by Goldilocks, which makes Goldilocks one of the leading enterprises in the plastic modification industry

when we observe this enterprise from another side, we may understand that the success of Goldilocks is not accidental. It is not a simple chemical raw material processing enterprise, as can be seen from its business processes

the pre-sales salesperson of Goldilocks selects the most suitable materials according to the needs of customers, and actively participates in the follow-up work of customer mold development, processing and molding, so as to provide customers with system solutions that can meet different needs; Sales technicians are responsible for providing customers with timely production guidance and on-site technical services; After sales technicians provide perfect technical services to help customers quickly solve the problems they encounter. It is the tacit service guarantee system of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales that makes Goldilocks stand out from the numerous peer enterprises

in order to provide customers with high-quality products in a timely and accurate manner, Goldilocks has introduced an advanced ERP system - UFIDA NC. While integrating the company's internal resources, its internal logistics system has quietly begun business process reengineering

due to the increasing number of customers, the continuous expansion of enterprises and the continuous entry of personnel, the number of employees of Goldilocks has rapidly expanded to more than 1000. With the rapid growth of enterprises, human resource management has become one of the most obvious core issues. After the recruitment, there is training, and after the training, there is performance management. This series of follow-up problems tell the general manager of Goldilocks that song Ziming was recently informed that "trouble" seems to be coming

because it tasted the sweetness in the operation of the ERP system implemented in the past, Goldilocks naturally began to find a "handy" human resource management tool for itself

everything is for "people"

for many domestic enterprises, the human resources department is only a subsidiary part of the enterprise at present. In EHR model selection, it is often a conditional software to blindly and simply import an EHR contraction experiment, and then hang the personnel file information into the system, and it will be completed. This is the usual practice of ordinary enterprises, and even Goldilocks initially had such an idea. However, in the end, Goldilocks changed its original plan and wisely chose not to be lazy

in order to fundamentally clarify the company's core resource - "people", Goldilocks invited a professional human resources consulting company and spent more than a year planning and adjusting the company's organizational structure and the entire human resources management process. "The process has been set, and the value of the selected software lies in" Tong Wenhong told reporters that this kind of planning and adjustment can be well reflected. " Chenfanlong, it director of Goldilocks, explained, "The reason why it takes so long is that on the one hand, this adjustment process is also a process of repeatedly brainwashing employees and managers. On the other hand, for Goldilocks, the most important thing is to establish an evaluation system and implement this evaluation system into daily human resource management work.

now it seems that the original decision is undoubtedly wise, because it avoids the implementation process of the system In addition, Goldilocks will passively adjust its organizational structure and management process. But for Goldilocks, this kind of wisdom comes from "eating a moat and gaining a wisdom". "We have also encountered some obstacles and difficulties in the previous deployment and implementation of UFIDA NC supply chain system, so this time, in order to try to avoid similar unnecessary troubles in some projects, we first performed 'local surgery' on the organizational structure, and then introduced management tools." Chen Fanlong explained

Goldilocks pays special attention to human resource management. Generally speaking, private enterprise bosses show their concerns in the following ways: first, they are willing to invest heavily in a certain area, second, they are willing to send troops and generals in a certain area, and third, they are willing to spend time in this area

at present, among the more than 1000 employees of Goldilocks, there are more than 100 doctors, masters and senior engineers. In addition, before the introduction of EHR system, general manager songziming spent a lot of money to invite a special human resources consulting company to carry out drastic reform of internal resources, and it took more than a year to brainwash employees; During the implementation of the system, Goldilocks set up a project team of more than ten people. In order to manage human resources well, Goldilocks spared no effort in human, material and financial resources.]

in order to adapt to the new management mode, Goldilocks needs to deploy in the following aspects: first, people's thoughts need to be adjusted, or thinking "revolution"; Secondly, in order to improve the use value of assets, we need to introduce a software

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