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On August 6, ucloud youkede officially launched a new generation of archive storage products, which adopts ucloud youkede's new self-developed storage architecture, reducing the storage cost by nearly 80% compared with standard storage. The price is as low as 0.024 yuan/gb/month when China's economy enters the "new normal", which reduces the cost by nearly 30% compared with similar archive storage products in the market, Provide users with the lowest price cold data storage solution

ZB level data storage, starting cold data is mainly the hot era of buffer failure data

under the wave of digital economy, all walks of life are producing a large amount of data every day; The development of 5g, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection and other new infrastructure has further promoted the explosive growth of data. According to IDC's prediction, the global annual new data volume will reach 175zb by 2025. If the mainstream 8t hard disk on the market is used to store these data, more than 23 billion hard disks are needed. If the price of each hard disk is 1300 yuan, it will need 30 trillion yuan to store these data, which is about one third of China's GDP in 2019

massive data storage has led to a rapid rise in the storage cost of enterprises, and the problems of data loss and data management confusion have gradually been exposed. The data shows that when the global new data volume reaches 175zb in 2025, the real data that can be stored is only about 15zb, and the loss rate is more than 91%

Ucloud's long-term research on multimedia and log storage shows that with the passage of time, the access volume of all kinds of data will change from hot to warm and from warm to cold. About six months later, most of the data will become cold data. It is precisely because of the change characteristics of data from hot to cold that storage layering is the general trend. High performance IO storage is usually suitable for data reading and writing in real-time interactive scenes such as streaming media stations, big data analysis, mobile applications, games, etc; Low frequency storage can provide long-term effective storage space for various IOT data collection, business log and other scenarios, and support real-time data access; Archive storage is suitable for long-term compliance storage, medical and scientific data, backup and other scenarios. Data is not read in real time, but it can significantly reduce storage costs

in the current iceberg model of enterprise data, 80% of the data volume comes from cold data. Ucloud youkede object storage products can help enterprises automate hierarchical storage of data. Archive storage corresponds to cold data storage. Ucloud youkede new generation archive storage products can reduce the storage cost of a large amount of cold data

new self-developed storage architecture, breaking the cost limit

compared with other storage, the biggest advantage of archive storage is lower cost. Storage costs are mainly composed of hardware costs and operating costs

in order to reduce the hardware cost, ucloud youkede's new generation archive storage adopts the high-density JBOD model and SMR disk of Western data for the first time in China, and realizes the implementation of this technology by using the self-developed storage architecture for the first time. The full name of SMR disk is the laminated magnetic recording hard disk. Compared with the traditional CMR disk, the biggest difference of SMR disk is that its tracks are distributed in a laminated manner according to the zone. The advantage of this distribution is that it can store data in a higher density. Compared with the 36 disk traditional model, the storage capacity of the unit rack is increased by 5.375 times, the number of disks is increased by 59%, and the storage space of a single magnet, such as the dirt between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston, is increased by 150% if the viscosity of the oil is too large

In the new generation of archive storage, based on years of experience in public cloud distributed storage, ucloud uses a new generation of self-developed archive storage architecture, so that the product can be compatible with SMR, CMR disk, dual active high availability, IO scheduling supporting power on and off, flexible configuration of EC, and automatic discovery of disk failures; Make full use of the hardware of high-density SMR disk, and the technical requirements of high nickel battery are very high, and adopt self-developed architecture to reduce the hardware cost

on the basis of reducing hardware costs, ucloud youkede has a new generation of archive storage, which adopts the concept of software and hardware collaboration to reduce operating costs. Combined with the selection of hardware, ucloud youkede new generation archive storage has independently developed a disk power on and off scheduling system at the software level, which can ensure the service life of the disk, greatly reduce the power cost, and reduce the disk energy consumption by nearly 90%. In the pure write scenario, the number of energy consuming disk blocks is 5% of the original

in terms of reliability, ucloud youkede's new generation of archive storage realizes the visibility of dual heads of storage nodes, and can quickly and automatically switch in case of failure; By adopting a large proportion of EC that can be flexibly configured, the storage utilization rate is increased by 150%; Through hardware acceleration, the throughput of EC computing is increased by 4-5 times compared with traditional pure software computing. The new generation of archive storage also realizes CRC verification of the whole link to comprehensively ensure the security of user data

for three categories of data and nine application scenarios

ucloud youkede new generation archive storage can be widely used in multimedia archiving scenarios, historical data compliance scenarios, and big data/ai analysis data archiving and other scenarios. With the arrival of 5g, the explosion of data volume will also be applied in more industries and more scenarios. It can be said that this is a product for the future

1. Multimedia archiving scenes

live broadcast and video monitoring have become increasingly popular. In these scenes, a 1080p HD camera needs 45g of capacity to store one day, and a video station can produce more than TB of data every day; A radio and television customer of ucloud youkede previously used Blu ray storage. It is estimated that by 2024, the amount of data stored will reach 16.4pb, which requires about 8 Blu ray panels and cabinets, occupying a whole row of cabinet space in the computer room, which is a huge cost for customers

ucloud youkede new generation archive storage can provide writing bandwidth no less than standard storage, and realize asynchronous retrieval and review of minute level data; The redundancy strategy of erasure code is adopted to ensure the safety and reliability of data. Combined with the life cycle conversion function between different storage types of ucloud youkede object storage, users can also quickly realize the storage type conversion of data from hot to warm and then to cold, and complete automatic data life cycle management

2. Compliant storage of historical data

in the face of the increasing scenario of enterprise database backup, the database backup scheme provided by ucloud Youke can effectively help users reduce the backup process. For users who need to clean up backups regularly and reduce backup costs, ucloud youkede object storage supports the function of data lifecycle management, which can realize automatic data regular cleaning and regular transfer to archive storage. For users who need a higher level of security, ucloud youkede object storage can support cross regional replication to help users complete remote backup of data

in the log archiving scenario of the e-commerce platform, ucloud youkede object storage also provides elasticsearch access and database backup functions. When the amount of data increases, historical data is uniformly archived to archive storage to reduce storage costs

3. Big data, AI analysis data archiving

according to the data provided by research institutions, the scale of bioeconomy has reached US $1.5 billion in 2020. Taking the gene sequencing of tumor diseases as an example, the DNA sample data of a single patient can reach 560gb. If calculated according to more than 18 million cancer cases every year, 10PB of tumor gene sample data will be generated every year after using gene analysis technology. The annual image data of a third-class hospital in China is about 20tb, and the data volume of more than 30000 hospitals across the country is also very huge. Ucloud youkede archive storage can provide long-term archive storage for a large number of biological information, IOT real-time analysis data and other scenarios, and reserve data for future medical research and industrial intelligence

in the context of new infrastructure, with the continuous integration of new technologies and new scenes, education, cloud games, autonomous driving, smart communities, intelligent manufacturing and other industries will produce more and more data. Ucloud youkede is a new generation of archive storage. Facing the future data tiered storage scenario, it adopts a new self-developed storage architecture to reduce users' hardware costs and operating costs, so that users can store data assets at a lower price and in a more reliable way, and accumulate wealth for mining the value of data production factors in the future

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