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Ucstar unified communication serves the guarantee industry

ctiforum news on September 24 (Jia'er): Recently, ucstar unified communication serves the guarantee industry. Chongqing Three Gorges guarantee Group Co., Ltd. was issued by the state qhmac103[1] 143 ⑵ 02 ⑵ 005 the municipal policy financial guarantee company approved by the brake pedal Reform Commission was officially listed in September 2006. At present, the registered capital of the company reaches 2billion yuan. On January 8th, 2010, the company was renamed Chongqing Three Gorges guarantee Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Three Gorges guarantee group)

under the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the municipal SASAC, and with the strong support of Yufu, CDB finance and the three shareholders of the Yangtze River Three Gorges group, the company adheres to the service purpose of serving the industrial development in the reservoir area, increasing the employment of immigrants and promoting the economic and social development of the city, and provides financing and non financing guarantees for the construction of small and medium-sized enterprises and infrastructure in the city

in the context of the financial crisis, in order to better serve the people in the reservoir area and the continuous expansion of business, the leaders of the company found that the communication within the group was becoming more and more difficult, which seriously affected the development planning of the group. First of all, the contact between the group and its branches and between branches is blocked. If there is something to communicate, we can only rely on contact, and the accuracy and timeliness are seriously damaged. Secondly, the relevant management rules and notices of group companies and branches can only be passed on from mouth to mouth, and the phenomenon of not being conveyed or the content being inaccurate often occurs. Finally, in order to facilitate communication, group employees have caused serious private chat, which has seriously affected work efficiency. These are very contrary to the service purpose and enterprise spirit of the enterprise

in order to solve the company's communication problems and communication management problems, after careful trial and selection, the IT Department of the group company has enabled the unified communication platform with high popularity in the industry and outstanding expansibility ucstar for the company. Please adjust the four pedestals to make the average contact. The ucstar communication platform is seamlessly integrated with the group's business system, so that the message can be actively prompted to all colleagues, which greatly improves the efficiency of the group

ucstar unified communication platform is a unified working platform that provides enterprises with an efficient communication channel integrating internal communication, collaboration and external services, and integrates with enterprise business systems to achieve unified communication, unified login, unified message and unified portal

ucstar is still working miracles, and the ucstar team is still working hard to serve more groups

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