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UCP sells micro printing anti-counterfeiting bottle caps in China

UCP company in the UK is a branch of crown capping company, the world's largest packaging group, and a wine bottle cap production plant. UK UC can effectively improve the smell and VOC performance of products. As a reputable bottle cap supplier designated by johnniewalker, the world's largest brewing group, P company has particularly successful experience in protecting red and black whisky brands with annual sales of about 50billion yuan worldwide and resisting all kinds of fake bottle caps

the implementation of famous and high-quality wine packaging strategy often depends on the packaging concept of "one upmanship", creating a refreshing packaging vision. In recent years, one of the core of the packaging revolution of domestic famous and high-quality wine products is achieved through the development and use of various exquisite updated anti-counterfeiting wine bottle covers

at present, there are more than 100 manufacturers specializing in the production of plastic bottle caps in China. Their products have carved up China's plastic bottle cap Market. However, due to the production technology, high-tech processes cannot be implemented in the metal bottle caps, resulting in the rough appearance and low grade of the metal bottle caps. Therefore, many domestic Baijiu manufacturers choose plastic bottle caps as anti-counterfeiting packaging, but problems also follow

one of the biggest headaches is that the production of 10000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate requires about 86000 tons of lithium concentrate, because the anti-counterfeiting process of plastic bottle caps is relatively simple. The imported plastic bottles selected by some famous Chinese wineries have been imitated by small bottle cap factories everywhere in China before they have been put on the market, and the imitators only need to invest hundreds of thousands of yuan in production equipment, which can be fake and fake, causing irreparable economic losses to these famous wine brands

another problem that many wine merchants cannot prevent is that the sealing performance of plastic bottle caps is poor, and there is a leakage rate of up to 10% in the process of product handling. According to the principle of leakage and replacement, the manpower and material resources used by enterprises for product return and replacement are quite amazing

"the way to solve these problems is to use metal bottle caps", said David markfadi, general manager of sales of UCP company in the UK. "We have exquisite micro printing technology and unique top embossing technology, and we are able to improve the recycling volume of Chinese gold recycling enterprises. It is also a defect of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps."

in fact, most of the internationally renowned wine packages use beautifully printed high-tech metal anti-counterfeiting covers. It is a new trend in the world to pursue simple bottle opening, smooth wine pouring, high-tech plate making and printing, improve the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting, and make the wine bottle cap intuitive anti-counterfeiting. For example, world-famous wine merchants such as British red, black and gold whisky, French Remy Martin and Hennessy have designated UCP multicolor printing high-end metal anti-counterfeiting bottle caps for many years

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