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Udesk customer service helps Remix techtech improve service efficiency

techtech now has nearly a thousand companies related to experimental machines. The company was founded in early 2014 by three senior engineers from Silicon Valley. They have worked in Google for more than 26 years. The products they have done include Google search, Google advertising, Google map, and provided services to more than 2billion people. As a technology company with software as its core, techtech is committed to integrating the operating experience of PC into the Android operating system, which greatly improves the productivity of Android. In addition, techtech also involves hardware research and development. Its hardware products include Remix super tablet and remix mini, a small PC host. Both of them are equipped with Remix OS operating system independently developed by techtech. In the past 30 years, traditional personal computers have been occupying the mainstream computing market. Techtech firmly believes that change is now

facing problems

remix OS was chased and praised by many enthusiasts as soon as it was released. It makes Android take on a new look, adapts to a lot of models, makes a lot of enthusiasts install and use it, and the number of users continues to increase. How to effectively improve the service efficiency of customer service is a great dilemma faced by techtech

using the traditional customer service system for localized deployment has invested a lot of human and material resources, and the maintenance cost is very high. Customers can not be located uniformly through other channels, and the internal handover of work is cumbersome


udesk customer service system supports multi-channel customer access, instant messaging, microblogging, email, web mobile app and other channels, does not lose every customer concerned, and can identify customer information, customer's previous chat records, business records and other information

there is no need to replace the existing 400, and there is no need to spend money on localization deployment. The customer service can log in to the udesk customer service department through the browser to adjust the product structure in a timely and effective manner. The call center supports rich functions such as queue management, voice navigation, knowledge base search, agent monitoring, data report call quality inspection, and can transfer and create a new work order to follow up in case of difficult problems

the work order system also supports multiple channels. No matter which channel, things can be recorded with work orders, and work order fields can be defined according to the company's business. Internal circulation is convenient, important things can be handled first, service quality can be improved, and satisfaction can be improved to the greatest extent. If customer service is not available or after work, customer visits will automatically generate work orders, which will be automatically assigned to the corresponding customer service according to the company's business needs, To prevent the loss of potential customers

udesk system is updated weekly, focusing on inspection and adjustment. New functions are added according to needs to optimize the interactive use experience

the traditional customer service system has been unable to meet the pace of the rapid development of Internet companies. Udesk solves the current criticism of the traditional customer service system. If the oil temperature is too high in the press operation, remix needs smooth oil with good oxidation resistance and thermal stability. Technology and technology improve service efficiency

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