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The UAV realizes "visual" management. There are three capped

the construction site of Baishui support room phase I is hoisting fabricated components. Photographed by He Gang of Nanbao financial media

UAV realizes visual management

prefabricated construction, Baishui security room has three roofs

Nanbao news news goes forward, and the efficiency is a little lower! Take your time! Yesterday, at the construction site of Baishui security room phase I, worker Liu Wenfang commanded the tower crane to hoist the prefabricated components of the building through the interphone. With the cooperation of three workers, a balcony partition was hoisted in place in less than 10 minutes. It is understood that at present, the three major affordable housing areas in Nanjing have all resumed work in an orderly manner. The application of scientific and technological means not only helps the rapid progress of the project, but also makes the epidemic prevention and control more efficient

on the 5th floor of a 20 story public rental house, the balcony and partition are being hoisted. See, under the command of workers, the tower crane slowly hoists the fabricated components above the designated position. A steel bar is reserved at the protruding position of the balcony floor, and a corresponding number of holes are also arranged on the hoisting components. Three workers controlled the shaking amplitude of the components. After the holes were aligned stably, the crane lowered and the hoisting components were integrated with the balcony. The workers then fixed a steel bar on the floor and components. At this point, the installation of one wall of the balcony was completed, and then only the connection joints of the components needed to be grouted. Liumingquan, who has worked as a bricklayer for more than 20 years, told him that according to the traditional method, it would take him a day to build this wall. Now, with the cooperation of the three of them, they can install more than a dozen walls in one day, which is equivalent to the workload of the past few days

note that these installed plates are pasted with QR codes. Gu Xiao, the chief engineer of the second Engineering Bureau of China Construction Corporation, said that by scanning the QR code, you can understand the basic information of components. In Nanjing prefabricated building information platform, you can also track the manufacturer of components, component information and real estate positioning. At present, the BIM platform of affordable housing is building an information model, and it is expected to connect with the municipal platform in one month. In the future, not only the building in which the components are installed after entering the construction site, but also the location on which floor can be accurately located in the digital model. After the delivery of affordable housing in the future, the property can also use this platform to handle building repair and maintenance, so as to realize the management of the whole life cycle of the building

at the construction site, a drone buzzed overhead. Shangchunfang, the project manager of the construction unit Nanjing Anju group, told that since the resumption of work, they have always put epidemic prevention first. They not only installed an intelligent alarm door temperature measurement channel at the entrance of the construction site, but also relied on UAV cruise and tower crane cameras to realize the visual management of the construction site. The project department monitors the large screen cloud platform and the management app, which can timely issue instructions and feedback on the problem handling. Once workers are found gathering or not wearing masks, they can be corrected in time through voice calls or walkie talkies. At present, they are also developing smart helmets, trying to locate helmets and visualize BIM, so as to realize real-time management of workers. Next, the project department will try to replace some workers with robots for high-altitude painting

in the living area, although all the mobilized personnel have passed the isolation observation period, the isolation area is still configured on the site as an epidemic prevention emergency space. During lunch time, workers wearing masks lined up at the canteen window at an interval of 1 meter to get food, and then dispersed. The four mechanisms of returning to Nanjing for approval, epidemic prevention and emergency response, body temperature detection and disposal, and epidemic prevention management in living quarters have effectively and significantly reduced the cost of material preparation, which has built the epidemic defense line of the construction site and laid the foundation for epidemic prevention for resumption of work. Shangchunfang said that the project is moving forward from the resumption stage to normal construction. Up to now, three buildings have been capped in phase I of Baishui security house, entering the stage of internal secondary structure construction and hydropower installation

according to the municipal Anju group, Baishui, mengbei and oasis are the three major municipal affordable housing projects under the 13th five year plan in our city, and all of them have been resumed. Among them, 19 houses in phase I of Baishui project adopt prefabricated shear wall structure, with assembly rate of 58% and prefabrication rate of 31%. The building height is 1920 floors. It is expected that by the end of the year, 13 houses will be completed first, and 1880 houses can be provided

with the differentiation, personalization and high-end characteristics of market demand, nanbaorong media He Gang

visits the resumption of work of Nangao gear

orders increase by 30%, grab production to ensure delivery on schedule

when some enterprises are struggling to find orders and expand demand, Nanjing high speed gear manufacturing Co., Ltd. has happy troubles. Facing orders that have increased by 30% over the same period last year, they are working overtime Take multiple measures to digest the order volume and ensure delivery on schedule

yesterday afternoon, I came to the enterprise, where neat high-speed gears were placed in the finished product area, and were ready to be delivered to customers after delivery. In each production workshop, the production lines are full of busy figures

Wang Jiong, deputy general manager of production and operation of the enterprise, introduced that as a wind power enterprise, Nangao gear has a domestic market share of 60% and an international market share of 30%, and ranks first in the global market share for seven consecutive years. The order volume of the company this year increased by 30% over the same period last year. It was intended to complete the order on the second day of the year, but the sudden epidemic disrupted the production plan in the first quarter

in the face of the epidemic, enterprises took active action. Under the guidance of the park, they paid attention to both epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, and became the first batch of resumption enterprises in the high-tech park on February 10 by adding a large amount of inorganic materials. Facing the difficulties of staff shortage and material shortage, Jiangning high tech park and enterprises overcome them together. The procurement department of the company went to the suppliers to understand the situation and implement the resumption of production at the early stage of resumption of work. Governments at all levels strongly supported the resumption of work and production of supporting enterprises. With the joint efforts of government and enterprises, the blocking points of the upstream and downstream industrial chain have been basically cleared up

the export of Nangao gear products accounts for one third of the sales volume and is sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, mainly in the Americas and Europe. At present, there is no information about the cancellation of orders from customers. Many customers have contacted the company to request the resumption of missing production and delivery on schedule

Wang Jiong said that at present, the enterprise has recovered to the highest production level, and actively expand external production capacity to do its best to meet the requirements of customers

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