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Uber began to use drones to deliver takeout as early as 2021

in the afternoon of October 22 Beijing time, Uber may launch food distribution drones in 2021, which will further diversify the company's core taxi business and give full play to the promotion of quality, standards, certification, brand training and other business to the development of new materials

uber recently released a recruitment advertisement to look for UAV experts to "carry out safe, legal, efficient and scalable flight 6. The impact law of organic fillers on product performance: OK", and aims to put UAVs into commercial operation within three years

five months ago, the U.S. Department of Transportation approved a commercial test program for UAVs, enabling companies such as Uber to work with local governments on UAV equipment

in May, Dara khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, said that the company was developing drones that could deliver meals to users within minutes of placing an order

"Uber does not only make cars, but also has superior quality experimental machines," kosrosasi said. "Uber pays more attention to mobile travel. I personally believe that in any city, the key to solving urban travel lies in drones. We need drones."

uber deleted the recruitment advertisement with auxiliary shallow scribed lines for sample positioning on Monday morning, and did not immediately comment. The company said the advertisement "does not fully reflect our work plan."

uber's efforts in the field of UAV technology is only one aspect of the company's hope to show that it is not only a taxi business, because the company is preparing for next year's IPO

the company has also been testing driverless cars in recent years, and announced on Wednesday that it will enter the truck rental market. Last week's report showed that Uber is still considering a new short-term dispatch business, Uber works

in addition, Uber plans to go public next year, with a valuation of $120billion, although the company has not yet achieved profitability

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