The hottest UAV turns into a sharp weapon for liti

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Recently, near Longteng Road, the southwest corner of Chengnan block, Longyou Economic Development Zone, a UAV flew smoothly in the air and controlled the screen through the UAV. 3. Effective experimental width: 500mm; You can clearly see the whole picture on the ground, click to shoot, and the images from all angles will be transmitted to the ground

it turned out that the prosecutors of the civil administration department of the county people's Procuratorate used drones to take aerial photos of the scene of an environmental pollution public interest litigation case. This is also the first time that the court has used drone exploration equipment through in-depth insight into the consumer market to assist in the investigation and evidence collection of public interest litigation. According to the prosecutor handling the case, at the scene of this inspection, there were mountains of industrial waste, a huge number, and it was very difficult to investigate the manual operation. The prosecutor used the aerial photography function of the UAV to record the scene of the public interest litigation case from multiple angles, which greatly reduced the time cost of obtaining evidence. The on-site inspection, which originally took several hours to complete, took only more than ten minutes to complete, and could meet the needs of the on-site inspection of the case

the introduction of drones for aerial photography and forensics not only improves the efficiency of case handling and realizes the optimization and improvement of case handling mode, but also plugs in the wings of greatly improving the integration of technology and strong inspection components for the procuratorial work, and also promotes Longyou procuratorial to enter a new stage in handling cases with technology, which is another dynamic practice to promote the construction of "intelligent procuratorial services"

to safeguard social and public interests and make people feel fairness and justice, Longyou prosecutor said and acted. Next, based on the results of previous investigations and evidence collection, they will issue pre litigation inspection suggestions to the relevant administrative departments whose main oil pump is a direct rotating axial 5-column pump, and urge relevant departments to quickly implement rectification and law enforcement supervision, so as to jointly protect the ecological environment

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