The hottest UAV sprays pesticides on 30 mu of land

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UAV sprays pesticides on 30 mu of land in 12 minutes

UAV sprays pesticides on 30 mu of land in 12 minutes, which is more uniform than manual spraying. Using the symbiosis technology of fish and vegetables, there is no need to change water for fish farming without worrying about the deterioration of water quality, and there is no need to plant vegetables without soil or fertilizer

at the 6th Jiangmen Agricultural Expo, which opened yesterday morning, high-tech products that changed the traditional agricultural production mode attracted the attention of many citizens

it is understood that the 4th Jiangmen Agricultural Expo will be held in Wuyi overseas Chinese square from November 22 to 25. At the same time, the Fifth China Jiangmen Koi Expo and the second China Jiangmen famous turtle Expo were also held at the Wuyi overseas Chinese Plaza Convention and Exhibition Center at the same time

there is no need to change water for fish farming and no need to fertilize vegetables

in the exhibition area of the Modern Agriculture Museum, we can see 4. It also has excellent vibration absorption characteristics. A symbiosis of fish and vegetables is displayed in line with the farming system. According to the on-site staff, this technology is two different farming technologies, aquaculture and hydroponics. Through ecological design, it can achieve scientific synergy and symbiosis, so that fish farming does not need to change water, and the water quality will not deteriorate; It can grow normally without fertilizer or soil. "At present, this technology has entered the final experimental stage and is expected to be officially launched next year to achieve mass production." The staff told

in the agricultural machinery exhibition area, modern agricultural machinery such as unmanned aerial vehicles, harvesters and rice transplanters are even more impressive. This product was jointly developed by BASF, Konstantin Grcic industrial design company in Munich, Germany, and Italian furniture manufacturer plant SRL. The staff of a drone company told that using drones to spray pesticides, 30 mu of land can be sprayed in 12 minutes, which is more uniform than manual spraying. A self-propelled rotary cultivator can plough 7 to 9 mu of land in one hour

the on-site staff told that due to the high price of these high-tech products, the price of a helicopter type UAV is more than 100000 yuan. "Retail investors generally do not buy such products, but rather cooperatives buy or rent them." He said, "the promotion of these high-tech products is conducive to the large-scale development of agriculture and promote high-quality and efficient agricultural production."

smart agricultural platform changes the production mode

in addition, it is understood that the "Dawan District smart agricultural platform" unveiled at yesterday's opening ceremony will give full play to the usual protection advantages of telecom networks and laboratory machines, integrate the resource advantages of all parties, create a "cloud pipe end" integrated product system, and gradually change agriculture from a human centered The production mode relying on isolated machinery has shifted to the production mode centered on information and software, so that a large number of automatic, intelligent and remote-controlled production equipment are used to produce higher quality and standardized agricultural products for delivery to consumers

"for example, fertilization, through the technology of this platform, we can accurately analyze the fertility of the plot, fertilize according to the actual needs, and change the current practice of indiscriminate fertilization." The staff of the platform told, "in this way, agricultural production can be scientific and standardized."

special food is appetizing

in the exhibition area of the local characteristic Museum, we can see that vegetables, rice, tangerine peel and other agricultural products from all over Jiangmen have appeared on the stage, which makes the audience dizzy. In the exhibition area of the rural food street, Enping big cake, Hetang fish cake, Kaiping bowl cake and other special dishes from all over Jiangmen are appetizing

according to the organizer, Jiangmen Agricultural Expo is a biennial agricultural event in Jiangmen. It has been held for six consecutive sessions from 2008 to this year. Compared with previous agricultural exhibitions, this Agricultural Expo focuses on "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in Jiangmen City. There are 14 exhibition areas on site, including theme image hall, beautiful rural picture exhibition, modern agriculture hall, local characteristics hall, agricultural machinery exhibition area, agricultural technology exhibition area, harvest stage, rural food Street, agricultural products exhibition and marketing area, agricultural finance exhibition area, rural tourism exhibition area, agricultural interest activity area, etc, Comprehensively display the achievements of modern agricultural development and the new look of eco livable and beautiful rural construction in Jiangmen

it is understood that Jiangmen is a major agricultural city in Guangdong, with a cultivated area of 2.3 million mu. It is "the hometown of Chinese tangerine peel", "the hometown of high-quality silk seedlings and rice in China", the "rice bag" and "vegetable basket" in the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and a rural tourism destination

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