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UFIDA communication successfully signed a cooperation agreement in the ICT field of Chongqing China Post heavy deployment

on December 28, 2017, UFIDA communication successfully signed a cooperation agreement with China Post and telecommunications equipment Chongqing company. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of ICT, and are committed to providing professional services for corporate customers. What is the new material industry at present? Cloud communication services. At the same time of cooperation, we will further share our respective advantages, carry out all-round and multi angle supporting cooperation, form a joint force in the field of cloud communication business, and jointly expand the markets of Chongqing and Guizhou

Qi Jianfeng, general manager of China Post and telecommunications equipment Chongqing company, Tang Yun, head of new business of China Post and telecommunications equipment Chongqing company, Wang Yong, assistant president of UFIDA communications, Chen Yonghui, regional director of UFIDA communications, and others jointly attended the cooperation signing meeting. The two sides will follow the principle of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results, Actively improve and build the global medical technology market with ic300 billion euros, and continue to grow at a rate of about 6% every year

China Post and telecommunications equipment Chongqing company, founded in 1950, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the central enterprise China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Group Corporation, which has become the target of the plastic extruder industry in Chongqing; Adhering to the development as the main line and market-oriented, the company has formed the distribution and service business of terminals, solid terminals and other products, effectively connected with major well-known manufacturers and operators, and established important strategic partnership

in this cooperation, China Post equipment Chongqing company highly praised UFIDA communication and its product duduyun switchboard. First of all, UFIDA communications has a leading edge in the field of enterprise services, and has many years of customer service experience in the enterprise market. Secondly, its self-developed duduyun switchboard product is also very close to the market demand, which can well meet the needs of enterprise customers and become the standard configuration of enterprise office. Most importantly, UFIDA communications and Chongqing China Post equipment share the same concept in the ICT field and the cloud communication market, and jointly look forward to the prospects of the cloud communication industry

the success of this signing ceremony is the beginning of cooperation between the two sides. We will take the cooperation of duduyun switchboard as the starting point, and fully promote the market development of duduyun switchboard in Chongqing and Guizhou, so as to achieve win-win cooperation

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