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XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully issued the first "epidemic prevention and control debt" in Jiangsu Province on February 13, raising funds of 300 million yuan, all for the production and operation of its subsidiaries, such as the production and construction of construction machinery for anti epidemic hospitals and urban disinfection and anti epidemic environmental equipment. On February 13, XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully issued the first "epidemic prevention and control bond" in Jiangsu Province, raising funds of 300 million yuan, all for the production and operation of anti epidemic hospital construction engineering machinery and urban disinfection and anti epidemic environmental equipment by using its subsidiaries of metallographic polishing machine. With the support and promotion of Nanjing Branch of the people's Bank of China, China Construction Bank and other parties, this single "epidemic prevention and control bond" completed the whole process from declaration and issuance to the arrival of raised funds in only four days, with an issuance interest rate of 2.69%, which is the lowest bond financing cost of XCMG in the past five years

it is reported that the successful issuance of this single bond not only solves the urgent need for low-cost capital during the epidemic period, but also further relieves the recent operating and financial pressure faced by some small and micro private enterprises in XCMG's industrial chain through the transmission mechanism

XCMG is the leading construction machinery enterprise with the largest scale, the highest technical level, the most complete product series, the most competitive and influential in China. Since the occurrence of the COVID-19, XCMG has attached great importance to it and bravely assumed the responsibility of the society. It was learned that Wuhan Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals were ready to be built. XCMG immediately organized 52 sets of various construction machinery and operators to carry out 24-hour uninterrupted construction, fully support the project construction, race against time and compete with the epidemic. Subsequently, different types of mechanical equipment and operators such as cranes, excavators, road rollers, concrete machinery, special vehicles were provided for the construction of "Xiaotangshan" hospitals or emergency wards in Henan, Beijing, Xi'an, Xuzhou, Shenzhen, Weihai, Nanjing and other places. According to complete statistics, a total of 329 XCMG equipment participated in field operations in order to achieve a lighter and safer body design. In addition, XCMG also used the advantages of global layout to urgently purchase more than 1.2 million N95 masks, protective clothing, goggles and other protective materials from more than 20 countries and regions in Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Brazil, and donated more than 5 million yuan to fully support the epidemic prevention and control work

according to the introduction, while striving to obtain the support of external high-quality financial resources, XCMG also attaches great importance to giving full play to and mobilizing the strength of internal financial resources, making positive contributions to the fight against the epidemic and the resumption of business, and minimizing the impact of the epidemic. Recently, XCMG Group Finance Co., Ltd. has actively adjusted the special arrangement of financial services during the epidemic period in accordance with the relevant notification requirements of the people's Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and in consideration of the interests of the entire XCMG industry, making every effort to protect the various financial needs of member units and industrial chain customers, among which more preferential care has been given to customers in Hubei region

for example, after the written recommendation of consumer credit and financial leasing customers in Hubei Province by the local office and XCMG equipment manufacturers, the team led by Professor gongjianping of Hokkaido University developed a new material that can be applied for a maximum of 3 months of deferred repayment, during which no interest will be charged and no overdue will be counted; After being recommended in writing by the local office and XCMG equipment manufacturers, non Hubei consumer credit and financial leasing customers can apply for a maximum of two months of deferred repayment, during which only normal interest will be charged, without penalty interest or overdue payment; For construction customers who actively participate in the construction of leishenshan hospital, huoshenshan hospital and other emergency hospitals in other regions and are directly related to the front-line anti epidemic work, after the written recommendation of the local office and XCMG equipment manufacturer, the financing of mechanical equipment used for anti epidemic construction can be exempted from interest in the repayment of nearly three months; From February to April 2020, comprehensively reduce the execution interest rate of loan businesses, including but not limited to working capital loans, commercial bill discounting, factoring of suppliers' accounts receivable Dealer financing and other whole industry chain financial businesses

at the same time, XCMG has opened the anti epidemic green channel. During this period, if there is a capital demand directly related to the anti epidemic work, it will provide low-cost and efficient financial services at any time. Under the guarantee of internal and external financial resources, XCMG, together with global suppliers, dealers and other "allies" and customer partners, has made full efforts to "export" more intelligent forces of "major powers and heavy weapons" to help resolutely win the people's war, the overall war and the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control

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