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XCMG concrete mixer truck continued to make efforts to obtain nearly 100 orders

XCMG concrete mixer truck continued to make efforts to obtain nearly 100 orders

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relying on the brand advantages of XCMG concrete machinery and the excellent performance of XCMG automobile chassis, recently, XCMG concrete mixer truck continued to make efforts in the southern market. After winning 64 orders in Guangdong at one stroke, A few days ago, it successfully obtained another order of 20 control slow response platforms in Kunming market

XCMG concrete mixer adopts the lightweight design of the whole vehicle, digital instruments and can bus control, which effectively realizes the intelligent control in the driving operation of the whole vehicle, and saves fuel, labor and worry. XCMG schweiying seamless integrated top and reliable XCMG chassis are combined to greatly improve the stability and matching of the whole vehicle. The concrete mixer truck won nearly 100 orders this time, which further shows that the integration of XCMG products into the whole vehicle has won the recognition and trust of customers

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