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XCMG Chongqing "tailor-made" acid resistant loader launched on the market

XCMG Chongqing "tailor-made" acid resistant loader launched on the market

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in July 2015, after receiving market feedback, the interactivity of equipment in Guizhou kaiphosphate mining area was also regarded as a design key carrier replacement demand. XCMG Chongqing company focused on carrying out in-depth on-site visits by technicians from the Department of new products and technologies of thermoplastic elastomer materials, It is learned that users have problems in the process of using loaders of other brands: 1. The bucket is corroded and worn fast by phosphating slag for a long time, and the maintenance cost is high; 2. The pin shaft is corroded and worn fast by weak acid, so it needs to be replaced in a short time; 3. A large amount of phosphorus slag is accumulated behind the bucket edge; 4. At the same time, it is appropriate to adjust according to the particularity of the product. It is easy to accumulate dust between the water tank and the oil powder, which is not easy to clean, resulting in high water temperature; 5. The cab glass is corroded by weak acid for a long time and turns white, so the surrounding environment cannot be seen clearly; 6. Tires and other rubber parts are corroded by weak acid and cannot be used after aging; 7. The paint appearance of the whole machine is corroded and discolored

XCMG Chongqing "tailor-made" acid resistant working condition loader was put on the market

in view of these problems, Chongqing company's technicians contacted the supporting manufacturers in time, and formulated rectification plans one by one by using the "brainstorming" method within the company: 1. The bucket adopts acid corrosion-resistant steel plate, thickened bucket wall plate, and stainless steel welding wire to improve the durability of the bucket; 2. The surface of the pin shaft is specially treated and the end face and clearance of the pin shaft are sealed to improve the service life of the pin shaft Lubrizol: medical grade TPU experts lead the material innovation of medical products; 3. A deflector is added along the bucket edge to prevent the accumulation of phosphorus slag; 4. The water tank and oil powder are combined into a whole, which solves the problem of ash deposition; 5. The cab glass adopts acid resistant glass to solve the problem of whitening; 6. Acid resistant rubber is used for tires and rubber parts to reduce aging problems; 7. A layer of acid resistant varnish is sprayed on the outside of the whole machine to solve the problem of easy corrosion of the appearance

in August 2015, the lw500kn acid resistant loader, which was "customized", was put on the market. Users were very satisfied with the improved loader, and gave high praise to the quality and improvement speed of XCMG loader

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