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XCMG BICES 2017 Beijing Exhibition played the world's strongest sound of equipment

XCMG BICES 2017 Beijing Exhibition played the world's strongest sound of equipment

China Construction machinery information

China, as an important part of the world's construction machinery production and consumption, has attracted the attention of the global construction machinery industry. The path of innovation, development, transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry also gives people more expectations. As the top event in China's construction machinery industry, the 2017 BICES exhibition, which is deeply rooted in China, opened in Beijing on the 20th. At the four-day exhibition, the international construction machinery giant "debated the sword" in Kyoto. As the only Chinese enterprise that ranks among the top ten in the industry in the world, XCMG group has made a strong attack with a series of the latest technological achievements and products, showing the world the extraordinary charm of a big country

the 2017 BICES exhibition was grandly opened in Beijing on the 20th

it is reported that the XCMG booth is located in hall e, covering an area of 1209 square meters, and is one of the largest indoor exhibitors. XCMG, with the theme of "leading technology, indestructible use and reaching the top of the industrial Mount Everest", has released 16 star products and 8 complete sets of solutions in 5 categories, which demonstrate the strength of independent innovation and represent the industry-leading level, all of which are examples of ingenuity in fully implementing the gold standard of "leading technology, indestructible use" and being close to the market and meeting customer needs

XCMG heavyweight released five categories, 16 star products representing the industry-leading level and eight complete sets of solutions

from the five axle 220 ton all terrain crane xca220 with the highest lifting performance in the world to the lw700hv loader equipped with international leading technology; From the twz260 underground excavation trolley, which is the first at home and abroad, to the "rock breaking warwolf" xtr6/260 tunnel boring machine with super rock breaking ability; From xd143s roller specially designed for compacting asphalt pavement to xc760k skid steer loader with strong power and able to adapt to various narrow space operations; From the newly developed gtjz0607e, the smallest meter level scissor type aerial work platform, to the precision shield equipped with composite earth pressure balance shield machine of "underground giant", XCMG tells the story of the birth of "big men" with great wisdom, and also comprehensively shows the world made in China

"steel Hulk" xca220 all terrain crane

"ever victorious general" lw700hv loader

"rock breaking warwolf" xtr6260 tunnel boring machine

"intelligent construction king" gtbz38s high meter compact aerial work platform

"mining king" nxg5760d3t off highway wide body dump truck

with leading technology and indestructible use, it is known as "made in China"

at the moment when global construction machinery encounters a cold winter, XCMG can still stand in the top ten in the world and continue to develop excellent medium and high-end products. In the view of Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, this is inseparable from one sentence and seven words, "leading technology, indestructible"

"we hope that this can become the concept and belief that engineering robots adhere to, embed the cultural core and essence of 'made in China', innovate, lead, and adhere to ingenuity, so as to create a big country and a world-class brand!" Chairman Wang Min said. Talking about the figures shows XCMG's incomparable clank and confidence in everything

manufacturing is the foundation of the national economy. In order to break the deadlock of plastic waste, which is the most common plastic waste produced in China. The key is to make innovative breakthroughs in leading technology, break through hollowing out, and realize intellectualization, which is the biggest risk for China's construction machinery industry to reach the top of the world

at present, XCMG's multi product innovation has led the world's high-end technology. Not only has it created and maintained the world record for the world's first 4000 ton large crawler crane and 2000 ton large all terrain crane, making China the third country in the world to independently develop and manufacture 1000 ton super mobile cranes after Germany and the United States, but also XCMG's strong breakthrough in excavator hydraulic multi-way valves, with a cumulative installed capacity of more than 1000 sets this year, The main valve of 70 ton to 110 ton crane is completely replaced by localization. These products and components, which represent the advanced level of China and even the world, make XCMG the integrator of the core technological achievements of the industry

at this exhibition, XCMG focused on the introduction of the first large-scale milling machine with remote control function in China, an intelligent aerial work platform with real-time display function and independently designed and developed control system, and a five axle 220 ton all terrain crane with the highest crane performance in the world. It is the first time in China to adopt products for high-quality production A batch of high-end and intelligent products, such as the special road roller with high standard service of 67hz high-frequency vibration compaction technology and the super performance excavator with the latest developed new control system. At the same time, the grand launch of eight complete sets of solutions for lifting, earth mining, roads, concrete, piling, non excavation, underground space, high-altitude operation, and material flow transportation, attracted the attention of the whole audience and the admiration of the world

XCMG's exhibition hall is full of popularity

XCMG's exhibition area is full of customers

foreign investors have a strong interest in XCMG's products

He Guangyuan, former Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, visited the exhibition area and spoke highly of XCMG's products

Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, praised XCMG.

Wang Qinghua, vice president of XCMG machinery, said in an interview, "What XCMG gives users is brand quality, reputation and user confidence. Leading technology and indestructible use undoubtedly become the weight for XCMG to build a big country and make made in China stand on the top of the global industrial Mount Everest!"

Wang Qinghua, vice president of XCMG machinery, is more conducive to the improvement of his professional skills in an interview

intelligent manufacturing, casting the weight of the country

with the development of technology, in the future, data services will lead the wave of information development. As the catalyst for the major adjustment of the global industry, the Internet + manufacturing industry "returns against the trend" with a new attitude, and has once again become the commanding height of global economic competition

in the era of industry 4.0, facing the great idea of "made in China 2025", XCMG took the initiative to build high-end industrial informatization and created a green "intelligent manufacturing" mode with XCMG's characteristics. In recent years, XCMG has continuously changed its production mode from market to mass customization, and its production and manufacturing system has gradually moved towards networked, collaborative and flexible manufacturing, and is advancing along the path of intelligent equipment, intelligent workshops and intelligent chemical plants

XCMG, as a pioneer and leader in the construction machinery industry, integrates intelligent manufacturing into excellent product design. Since 2012, XCMG has arranged four intelligent manufacturing bases of XCMG large tonnage cranes, loaders, concrete machinery and excavation machinery, which are the largest and most capable of lean manufacturing in the world, forming the lean manufacturing and quality manufacturing capacity on the same platform as the most advanced benchmarking enterprises in the world

at present, a basic original technology R & D team invested by XCMG is working around the clock to tackle unmanned construction machinery technology; XCMG information technology company, which started from the supporting business of intelligent terminal and software system of construction machinery, has grown into the largest IT enterprise in Huaihai economic zone; XCMG and Alibaba cloud jointly built the industry's first industrial cloud platform, which manages the overall operating rate, operation data, remote operation and maintenance diagnosis information of more than 400000 XCMG equipment. The accumulated big data provides an important index reference for the national economic forecast. XCMG intelligent manufacturing has become a benchmark enterprise recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China. Intelligent interconnected equipment is turning automatic equipment efficiency management, intelligent optimization of construction process plans, intelligent fault prediction and alarm services into new customer value

at this exhibition, XCMG launched XCMG big data driven e-commerce integrated service platform for construction machinery - XCMG mall. Driven by big data and driven by e-commerce, it gradually realizes the interconnection of sales service, equipment management, customer management, supply chain management and other whole industry chain businesses. It is another masterpiece of the integration of big data and whole process e-commerce

not long ago, at the special publicity and introduction meeting of "the practice of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee", Secretary Li Qiang shared the case of Jiangsu's innovation and development, and specifically cited the story of XCMG industrial IOT big data platform as a vivid case of innovation and development in Northern Jiangsu, and praised "XCMG group has strong innovation ability and high degree of internationalization, which is not simple!"

on the international stage, XCMG shows its towering achievements

it is precisely by integrating technological innovation into its veins that XCMG has more confidence to "go global". From the construction site of the world cup venue in Qatar to the construction site of the main stadium of the Brazilian Olympic Games, the pipeline laying in the oil production area in Houston, the United States, as well as the construction sites such as the Turkish railway, the Kenyan capital airport, the Maldives sea crossing bridge, you can see a large number of bright "Xu Gongjin". At present, XCMG exports million mainframe machines to 178 countries annually, and the market share of Brazil, Russia, Australia and the Middle East ranks among the top three international brands

over the years, XCMG's system layout has covered overseas marketing networks on five continents. At present, XCMG has 34 spare parts centers, 40 subsidiaries and offices, 300 international distributors, more than 500 contracted service providers overseas, and has manufacturing bases and six overseas assembly plants in Brazil, Germany, Austria, India and the United States; It has set up research and development centers in Germany, the United States, Brazil and European procurement centers, and acquired three European enterprises including German schweiying

in the first half of 2017, the export volume of XCMG brand mainframe increased by 93.1%, and the self operated export volume increased by 122.2%, significantly exceeding the export growth of the industry by 36.5%; The first export position in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia is more stable. The joint venture factory established in Uzbekistan in Central Asia makes the country almost exclusively use XCMG equipment in the construction of major projects. On August 30, XCMG exported more than 120 large complete sets of mining equipment with a total value of nearly US $200million, including 300 ton mining excavators, 110 ton mining dump trucks, and 300 horsepower mining graders, representing the rise of China's mining equipment and a symbol of the transformation and breakthrough of Chinese enterprises

at the Top50 global construction machinery Summit on the day before the Beijing exhibition, XCMG ranked seventh among the global construction machinery manufacturers, becoming the only Chinese manufacturer to enter the world's top 10 in a row. Chairman Wang Min firmly said: "how many challenges the global construction machinery industry brings to China will also give China many opportunities; we should unswervingly create technologically advanced and indestructible products, realize the development of" three haves and one can ", truly grow into a world-class Chinese brand marching towards the peak of the global engineering machinery industry, and play the strongest voice of the era of Chinese equipment and equipment in the world!"

it coincides with the upcoming 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. As the founder, pioneer and leader of China's construction machinery industry, XCMG will focus its future strategic goal on advancing into the top three of the world's construction machinery industry, and will work hard, work hard, forge ahead and continue to innovate in the spirit of no wait for the time and the belief of reaching the top of Mount Everest, vowing to build XCMG into a world-class enterprise with global trust and unique value creativity

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