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The construction of smart city is unstoppable. The spring of smart street lamp industry is coming. Original title: the construction of smart city is unstoppable. The spring of smart street lamp industry is coming. Source: Securities

the loading speed valve should be manually controlled to control the rising speed of the piston (the speed and safety valve are in one body). With the continuous expansion of the scale of Chinese cities and the rapid development of information technology, It has become a general trend for the government to use intelligent management to build a smart city. IDC predicts that the global smart city technology related investment will reach US $189.46 billion in 2023, and the Chinese market will reach US $38.92 billion. In the wave of smart cities, (300506), (002638) and other enterprises are entering smart cities with smart streetlights, and are ushering in a new round of development opportunities

as we all know, traditional street lamps have many disadvantages, such as serious energy waste, single management means, low informatization level, lack of active fault alarm mechanism, difficult to find the location of fault lamps, etc

smart street light is a new information infrastructure that integrates various cutting-edge technologies and applications according to the distribution of urban roads and streets and the concept of "co construction and sharing". It has the trinity of "with, with and without", and can collect, release and transmit information from lighting, public security, municipal administration, meteorology, environmental protection, communications and other industries

believes that due to the important feature of smart street lamps collecting data, it means that street lamps are no longer a one-time project at present. Street lamps will become the data entry of a city, and the data value generated by operation will become increasingly prominent, opening a broader market

mingjiahui (300506), a leading enterprise in the lighting industry, is rapidly expanding the business scale of street lamps, enriching the business coverage area and improving the layout of the industrial chain with its strong financial strength

it is understood that mingjiahui has a vision for the smart street lamp business in its prospectus in 2016. In March this year, mingjiahui and signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. The agreement points out that the company and huati technology will integrate advantageous resources and jointly develop smart street lamp related industries. In June this year, mingjiahui Shouchun road smart lamp pole demonstration project in Lu'an City, Anhui Province was included in the white paper on smart lamp pole research in China as a classic case

the smart light pole of the project integrates multiple functional modules such as intelligent lighting, digital monitoring, information release, intelligent query, WiFi network, digital speaker and environmental monitoring, and can realize the functions of intelligent lighting - single lamp control, LED information release screen, video monitoring, 5g micro base station, environmental monitoring, street lamp charging pile, intelligent parking, garbage can monitoring, intelligent manhole cover monitoring, remote broadcasting, emergency alarm, etc

on October 30, mingjiahui announced that it would increase the capital of 19million yuan to Mingjiang Zhihui, a wholly-owned subsidiary, which is responsible for the construction and operation of the company's smart city based on smart street lamps. Yu Fei, general manager of mingjiahui smart lighting division, said that mingjiahui will vigorously promote the realization of smart city functions and application scenarios by taking smart lighting as the entry point. The company is very optimistic about the growth space brought by the construction of smart cities under the 5g scenario in the future

in recent years, various provinces and cities in China have issued policies to support the development of the information industry and the construction of smart streetlights, such as the three-year action plan for the construction of information infrastructure in Guangdong Province (year), the action plan for the construction and development of multi-functional smart poles (year), the three-year special action plan for the consolidation and improvement of information infrastructure in Hainan Province (year), and the outline of the development plan for Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area

with the support of policies, the field of smart streetlights in China has developed rapidly with the east wind of smart cities and IOT. Authoritative data shows that at present, there are more than 1000 smart cities launched or under construction in the world, and China ranks first with 500 pilot cities

the 2019 semi annual report of Qinshang shares shows that in order to better and faster develop intelligent lighting products, seize the market opportunities of smart cities, and accelerate the layout of the smart lighting market, an intelligent technology department has been established to specially research and develop smart street lamp products, and an all-round talent system has been built in software, hardware, industrial design, structural development, etc

with the further promotion of smart city, the future development space of smart street lamps is huge. According to the statistics of OFweek Industrial Research Institute, in 2018, the construction scale of smart light poles in China was about 6500, and the overall market scale was still small. However, driven by the continuous promotion of smart city construction and the wave of 5g commercialization, it is expected to achieve breakthrough growth in the next two to three years

(source: Securities)

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