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The construction of Xingxiang large-scale projects has been accelerated from the beginning of the year

Shahe City plans to list 11 provincial-level leading key projects under construction this year, with a total investment of 7.86 billion yuan; It has been listed in 13 key projects under construction under the leading approval of Xingtai City, with a total investment of 12.7 billion yuan. In 2008, the investment was 4.6 billion yuan, and the investment intensity ranks first among the 21 counties (cities, districts) in the city

to carry out a great discussion on ideological emancipation, we should finally focus on the development theme, break through the development bottleneck, and work hard on the implementation of rectification. In accordance with the direction encouraged by the national industrial policy, the work of key projects in Shahe City is market-oriented, with the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure and the transformation of economic development mode as the main line, giving priority to the expansion and strengthening of leading industries, striving to introduce high-tech projects, and guiding environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction

emancipate the mind in terms of project construction quality, we should establish a new concept of "jumping out of the Shahe and planning the Shahe", innovate the development mode, and enhance the momentum of development

mining industry is a city building industry of Shahe. We will take "reduction, capacity expansion, quality improvement and efficiency increase" as the goal, strengthen the management and rectification of mines, and speed up the consolidation of resources, but it should also be as small as possible; The second is to follow the pace of fine dumping (or final dumping), vigorously support large-scale mining projects, and take the road of joint transformation, large-scale development and intensive management. Vigorously develop deep processing projects of mineral products, extend the industrial chain and improve industrial added value

the glass industry is the largest industry in Shahe ground. On the basis of stabilizing the total output of glass, many people in the industry suggest that we should speed up the elimination of low-end production processes and products, consolidate the foundation of high-quality flat glass, and focus on the development of high-quality and functional float glass and deep-processing glass products, so as to make Shahe glass industry develop towards deep processing, multiple varieties, high quality and high efficiency. To this end, while accelerating the pace of upgrading the industry, we continue to optimize product varieties, from the past single building flat glass to calendered glass, emulsified glass, glass ceramics, insulating glass, tempered glass and other varieties, deep processing direction

to emancipate the mind, we must face up to our own gap and set off an upsurge of striving to be the first and accelerating development. From the current situation of economic development in Shahe City, the resource-based characteristics are relatively obvious. Prominent structural contradictions, low industrial level and extensive growth mode have become the key factors restricting the accelerated development. Therefore, Shahe City takes the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of growth mode as the core of economic work, and takes the general mechanical parts industry as a major emerging industry in the construction of key projects, so as to promote its development and growth as soon as possible. Relying on Xingtai wire rod base and Xingtai Ningbo Industrial Park, with the help of Yongnian fastener market, the rest of the market is temporarily stable; In terms of steel mills, the start-up is still high, and the construction of high standard general machinery parts market and processing industrial park is still high. The market construction will be completed and put into operation in the first half of the year. Through multi-channel investment attraction, a number of well-known domestic manufacturers of general mechanical parts have signed a settlement agreement with Shahe. Through the rapid development of market and processing, a general mechanical parts park integrating sales and processing will finally be formed

project construction is the most important breakthrough point of economic construction, and large projects are an important factor determining the economic situation of a region. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the project construction in our city, especially the large-scale project construction, has made an unprecedented good start in the upsurge of emancipating the mind in the whole province. Many decision makers and builders of large project implementation units, based on the grass-roots level and in combination with the actual situation, have made a good start, taken good steps, made suggestions and freely talked about their experiences on this year's key project construction. Everyone agreed that only by embodying the results of emancipating the mind, renewing ideas and solving practical problems in promoting the development of the project, vigorously implementing the "project quality improvement" project, expanding emerging leading industries, improving traditional characteristic industries, and developing and promoting industrial clusters, can we achieve great development, rapid development, and new leaps in the construction of key projects in our city, and better promote the sound and rapid development of the city's economy and society

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