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Smart city construction should pay attention to "hemopoiesis"

core tip: Innovating the business model of smart city means that we should change the previous technology oriented and project driven information construction model with solving the current livelihood service problems as the core

the upsurge of smart city construction is rising, but insufficient research on business model restricts development, which is attracting attention

business model refers to a complete system of products, services and information flow. The construction of smart city covers all aspects of business and urban life in urban construction, including multiple schemes of urban operation and management. The construction of various fields is a huge and complex system engineering, which can not be achieved overnight. It needs to be constantly optimized and improved in the construction process

therefore, to efficiently promote the construction process of smart city, in addition to good overall planning, there should also be a feasible business model to ensure the orderly and efficient construction of smart city

building a smart city is a long-term process, and 1 First, record the initial position of the cross arm of the machine, select the speed value (measure the cross arm travel with a standard straight steel ruler) on the control panel to calculate the business model, design the hematopoietic function into the scheme, and consider the continuous feasibility of the scheme, as well as the expected economic and social benefits. As the construction of smart city is promoted on the basis of the development of the new generation of information technology, cloud computing, IOT, big data, mobile Internet, spatial information, wings, etc., every key technology and element in the field of information space have leapfrog development, and they are developed in parallel. Therefore, the concept of building an information system and the sales growth of izmi by 20% in the first nine months of this year should change, the path of promotion should change, and the business model should also change

the fundamental change of the business model is to change the one-time transaction into a long-term transaction after entering the software interface tailored for customers, and turn the return of enterprise investment into long-term income

in the planning and construction of smart cities, it is necessary to carry out one-on-one solutions that fully meet the real needs of customers for different cities, directions and priorities. Its operation should be combined with industries. If it is not combined with industries, there will be no business model. If there is no business model, local governments will have to operate in debt, and it is difficult to operate for a long time

at present, it is a critical period for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way, and it is to achieve mold heating on major livelihood issues and livelihood needs; An important period of strategic opportunities for breakthroughs. Facing the new situation of increasing social mobility and openness, diversified demands for people's livelihood, diversified interests, personalized services, and convenient ways, there is an urgent need to effectively solve the problems of shortage and imbalance of public service resources in the field of people's livelihood, the widening gap between regional urban and rural areas, and the low level of equalization and universal benefits

multiple smart application projects promote consumption, development and people's livelihood. They are a strategic choice to drive and promote the leapfrog development of the field of people's livelihood with information technology. They are an effective way to provide wide coverage, multi-level, differentiated and high-quality public services. They help to optimize the allocation of social resources, innovate the supply mode of public services, improve the level of equalization and inclusiveness, help to cultivate new business forms and new economic growth points, and promote information consumption It is of great significance to improve the level of basic public services, strengthen and innovate social management, and build a harmonious society

the implementation of smart application project should focus on solving the outstanding problems of people's livelihood services under the current system and mechanism and the traditional environment, change the previous technology oriented and project driven information construction mode, effectively integrate isolated and decentralized public service resources, strengthen joint supervision and collaborative services of multiple departments, encourage market participation, innovate service modes, broaden service channels, and build convenient, fast, fair, inclusive A high-quality and efficient public service information system will comprehensively improve the public service level and social management ability of governments at all levels

the focus of the implementation of the smart application project is to solve the outstanding problems in nine major fields, including social security, medical treatment, education, elderly care, employment, public safety, food and drug safety, community service, family service, etc. The competent departments of all industries should play a guiding role in business, focus on solving the outstanding contradictions and constraints in the livelihood services in all fields, pay attention to the innovation of institutional mechanisms and policies, and promote cross level Cross departmental information sharing and business collaboration, and promote multi-party collaboration, resource sharing, and institutional docking of public services. Kou Youguan (researcher of the information center of the Ministry of land and resources)

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